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16 May 2009


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Alan in Belfast

When you say "killer commute" - how bad? And how long to get into the city centre for weekend adventures?


Killer commute, according to Google Maps, is 1 hour 5 minutes each way ... but I'm wondering if that's realistic. Everyone tells me the Atlanta traffic is just beyond belief -- a lot of gridlock! Decatur is 9 miles from the city centre and located on the main train line, so very easy to pop into town. Sounds like Decatur has a lot of great stuff on its own as well.

Just can't get my head around 2 hours on the road every day. Then again, Google Maps says the commute from other towns I'm considering, closer to work, is 40-50 minutes on non-motorway routes.

What do you think?


I would bite the bullet and go with Decatur. Of course I won't be making the commute, so it's easy for me to say. I always imagined a train commute would be a great way to keep up on reading.

Also, did you hear about Luciano?


Hi Mazr - if it were a rail commute, I'd do it. No chance though, all driving. It's not looking good. I was basing the commute on Google Maps; people in Georgia say it's likely to be more like 90 minutes. Augh!

I'm so sad to read that about Luciano. Hope he's OK.


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